Are you ready to excel your communication skills by speaking a foreign language?

Communication connects us in both personal and professional life.  However, a foreign language is a wish for so many people, but time and money is often the reason not to start.



What if you can learn not 1, not 2, but 5 languages for only $6,97 per month? You can learn German, French, English, Spanish and Dutch!

WordJo can be played on every device 24/7.  A quick game travelling in the car, on the bus/train, waiting for the oven to be ready, while waiting in line…we all have a few minutes to spare.

How about pronunciation?  It’s hard to learn just from a book! Click here for the best kept secret of the internet.

WordJo is auditive and you can learn as you are having fun playing a game.  Hearing sounds, repeating sounds are very important in understanding languages.

WordJo is an online platform in which you learn words and sentences in German, French, English, Spanish and Dutch.  

WordJo has 44 levels in which you find all sorts of challenges to learn the words. In every level you’ll hear the words and learning will be challenging & fun as you play a game!

We have a great system in which you are being rewarded for playing.  Collect “Jocoins” to dress your avatar, but accessories and other great items to show off your avatar.


Play more, get more!


For which ages?  As soon as someone can read, they can play WordJo. Adults? Absolutely!


What are you waiting for?  Get it for yourself your kid or play it together…you are never too old learn! Get it now! Click here!


Discover the secret of language learning!

"My kid is so happy with WordJo. He learns Spanish so fast and he thinks it's so much fun. I'm raising a Spanish child now!" 😂Monique mother of Dean.

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Discover how much fun language learning can be!


  • More than 40 levels to study words in all sorts of challenging games
  • Find out yourself

Click here for the best kept secret of the internet.

Why WordJo?

Playing games and study at the same time!

Playing games and learning a language how cool is that?! Why not both?

Reward system with Avatar!

Reward system with Avatar! Learn languages and save up for fun

Faster learning stimulates!

Learn faster cause it’s fun!

Made by pros, used by pros!

Made my educational professionals. Learning foreign languages like a pro! For a reasonable price!

Language learning can be a challenge! Expensive courses, long hours of training, my students think it wasn’t that much fun. I figured this could be nicer, cooler, better!

I worked in education for 21 years, as a teacher of English (foreign language in the Netherlands) and a career counsellor. I know what it’s like to work with kids and I saw the frustrations of students and parents.

The world could use a program which was fun and entertaining which could be used in school and at home.

I started WordJo in 2017 in the Netherlands, soon Belgium was interested and soon after that Germany. In the Netherlands we have French, German, English and Spanish in schools. Hundreds of schools in the Netherlands and Belgium used WordJo during classes. Also parents decided to buy the program for their children because it was more fun to study, it was challenging and kids got better results in class.

This time asks for tools which fit with this generation!

I started WordJo to help students, teachers and parents with language learning. Studying words and sentences are essential for learning a language. 

“Knowledge is in your head, you will find information on the net” 

It is impossible to speak a language without words, everybody understands this. Most kids like playing a game, so why not making it more fun? 

If learning is more fun, kids learn more.

This generation loves their ipads, laptops, tablets and especially their mobile phone. Why not use modern tools to study? A win win for everybody!

Play the demo and you’ll get an idea of the game! 

Playing games and learning online will be the future! 

Jolanda, founder of WordJo.

Language learning in a game= more fun!  

Click here to get your kid the opportunity of learning a foreign language now

WordJo makes foreign language learning fun!

Learn French words, German words, Spanish words, Dutch words in a game. Made by professionals, used by professionals. Online education for everybody. Online training for primary and secondary education. Play the WordJo demo for free. Try the WordJo school account for free. WordJo makes language learning fun!

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